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Forget the fads: The truth about fitness

Josh Salzmann


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The key to this success is fitness guru Josh Salzmann, who, over the past 15 years, has helped dozens of Hollywood stars to get in shape for big screen and stage roles. By encouraging them to 'forget the fads' and focus on the important things, such as emotional health and eating and drinking correctly, he has helped shape the bodies and careers of some of the biggest names in film and TV. By simplifying the process he has helped even the busiest of people, (including Brenda and Anne), to increase their energy levels and in turn get the most out of their daily lives.




Laura b wants to know: "I really don't like the gym. Are there any other alternatives in your plan for me to get in shape this New Year?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


Absolutely Laura, buy my DVD "The Truth About Fitness" and I'll show you how you can get in the best shape of your life in your own home.


Russell wants to know: "Do you find a lot of people are turning to these fitness DVD's more than going to the gym?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


Yes, it's not convenient for everyone to go to the gym, but be careful with following so called celebrity fitness programmes and turn to professional people like myself who actually do this all year long for a living.


Fiona Hall wants to know: "Are celebrities as unfit as the rest of us when you first start working with them?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


Yes Fiona, some celebrities are not anywhere near the kind of fitness which you see them in on the big screen. The programme I believe in has worked for them and it will work for you and believe me the truth is, less is more.


Leanne wants to know: "How often should you go to the gym and how long for? Is twice a week enough?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


Twice a week, will get you in better shape as long as you make the focus weights ie resistance training rather than spend all your time in the cardio theatre. No-one needs more than one hour of exercise at any time but 30 mins is plenty if done correctly.


Frank wants to know: "I try and go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week but the only time I can go is in the morning before work. This means I can only work out for about 40 mins - is that enough? " 

Josh Salzmann said:


Frank, forty minutes is more than enough. Work less, work harder and more intensely to get the best results. When you train long you're working, you're not working out.


Eilidh Stewart wants to know: "What did you do with Angelina Jolie to get her in such fantastic shape? Is there any way we mere mortals can achieve similar results?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


To maximise your fitness 90 minutes spread over one week ie 3 sessions of 30 mins each in your own home will do the same trick. Make sure that you follow sound nutrition and drink plenty of water to get maximum results.


Sarah M wants to know: "Surely 90 minutes a week isn't enough? Everyone else seems to advocate much longer sessions than that to get the body we want..." 

Josh Salzmann said:


After 30 years in the business believe me if you use those 90 minutes correctly and eat right, rest right, you will find it is enough.


David wants to know: "what is more important in being healthy, eating well or going to the gym " 

Josh Salzmann said:


By working out correctly and eating nutritionally sound food, drinking plenty of water and finally exercising right that's what makes you the healthiest.


Lee wants to know: "Should you eat before you work out?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


Some people prefer exercise first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Others however, need to eat a small amount of food a couple of hours before training. It is totally a personal issue.


Cece wants to know: "Is it better to exercise in the morning or evening?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


It depends on your schedule. But it is important to know that whenever possible exercise when you are at your strongest. That's how you get the best intensity and hence after the right nutrition and the right rest, the best results!


FiFi Lapoubelle wants to know: "One hour's sleep before midnight is worth two after". True, or old wives' tale?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


Fifi, that is definitely and old wives tale. But let me say this, 8 hours of sleep is much better than 4 hours of sleep and by sleeping more you recover better and will be in better physical and emotional condition.


Kevin wants to know: "Will being fit make it easier for me to get out of bed in the morning?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


There is no question that being totally fit will help you face your day with more "get up and go" and more enthusiasm. If everyday you still hate to face your day you know it's time to change your life.


So you're a morning person then? 

Josh Salzmann said:


errrrr. yes!


Sally wants to know: "Have you got any tips for motivation? I sometimes find it hard to get on with my exercise regime!" 

Josh Salzmann said:


Sally, realise this, you have one life and if you want to make the most enjoyable life strive to be as fit in body and in mind as you can be. But understand that the fitness component does not take as long as you think.


Missy wants to know: "I am out of the house for 12 hours a day just for work. Any advice about how to fit exercise in please? That just doesn't take too much time up?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


Missy, buy my DVD "The Truth About Fitness" and first thing in the morning just 30 minutes 3 times a week you'll have the time and you'll get the best shape of your life.


Mat W wants to know: "If you could encapsulate the basic principles of your fitness plan in just 3 points, what would they be?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


1) Less is more, (the physical element) 2) You are what you eat. 3) Emotional fitness which means free your mind and your ass will follow.


Imogen wants to know: "What do you think of low fat sauces?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


Always remember the food we want to avoid is sugar. America has more fat free food and more fat people than any place else and that's because low fat foods may contain large amounts of sugar which makes us FAT! Read the label, look at the sugar content.


Glenda wants to know: "Calorie counting or fat content? Which is the best way to diet efficiently?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


Dieting makes you fat. So, eat little and often, small portions of both protein and complex carbohydrates (palm size of each) 4 - 6 times a day and then every 3 hours also 2 - 3 litres of water. That's your best way forward. The trouble with Atkins is that without eating complex carbohydrates with your protein you do not have sufficient energy to get the maximum benefit from exercise. So what happens with Atkins big fat people become smaller fat people and the body composition ie; fat to muscle ratio does not change.


Freddie wants to know: "i do not want to loose weight, I actually would like to gain 10 pounds or so and my legs are especially thin, what should I do" 

Josh Salzmann said:


The best way forward Freddie, is to work out three times a week with resistance exercise ie; weights and eat lots and lots of nutritious food and 2 - 3 litres of water daily. Remember your non exercise days are just as important as the days you train.


DanDan_02 wants to know: "Staying fit is your job, but how can someone who works long hours find time to get a body like yours? What about fun?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


Dan, I am almost 50 years of age, have seven teenagers I am responsible for and work sometimes seventeen hours a day. I have lots of fun and lots of energy by following my fitness philosophy which is less is more, eat right, rest as much as you can and keep laughing.


Tom wants to know: "I love nothing more than lazing in front of the TV in my dressing gown with a beer in one hand, a remote in the other and a fag in my mouth? I know how physically i could change my ways but how do i go from couch potato to runner bean? (by runner bean i mean someone who wants to exercise)" 

Josh Salzmann said:


Tom, there is nothing wrong with having a beer here and there and eating some junk food once in a while. Smoking however, is something that you should definitely give a wide one to. If you follow my programme you'll feel better very quickly and thus through positive reinforcement you'll want to do things that are better for you and actually make you feel fantastic. So check it out Tom, do yourself a favour. R emember Tom, throw the fags away, move the couch and stick on my DVD "The Truth About Fitness" and the couch potato can get in great shape without having to leave home. When you want to drink alcohol, drink alcohol! Realise however, that you'll be a cheaper date if you're fit. Fit people get a quicker buzz from a few drinks than unfit people.


Mikey wants to know: "How quickly does aerobic fitness come and go? From a standing start - no exercise at all apart from walking - how soon can I expect to feel a difference if I start exercising 3 times a week for 30 mins?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


Mikey, you'll feel better immediately because doing the correct training at the right intensity and eating right will give you the best a quickest feel good factor there is. Muscle definition will start to improve dramatically within 48 hours.


Iris wants to know: "Is walking considered to be good exercise?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


Iris, walking is better than no exercise at all. But, you need to raise intensity and decrease duration for better results.


Pen wants to know: "What do you think of yoga or pilates as forms of exercise? " 

Josh Salzmann said:


Both yoga and pilates when done correctly are great forms of exercise. Remember however, that all correct exercise is based on resistance, correct body alignment, core work, proper technique and all need to be followed with correct nutrition and rest. Joseph Pilates worked out brief and hard and ate and rested appropriately.


Maggie wants to know: "Do you advise medicals before embarking on serious regimes?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


For anyone that has any doubts about their physical condition seeing your GP is a good start. It is important to remember that if you never start exercising you'll be seeing your GP a lot.


Ronnie wants to know: "why is it that celebs seem to have the perfect body? Does it take a lot of money and sweat to get the perfect figure or body?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


Ronnie, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It doesn't take lots of money or lots of time to get in the best shape of your life. Check out


Keith wants to know: "Who's the most difficult celebrity you've worked with?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


Keith, I guess if I was really honest it was Michael Winner. Can't really say more than that...interesting.


Josh S wants to know: "Do you agree with running up flights of stairs or is that entirely bad for your heart?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


Well Josh, when I wrestled internationally running up and down stadium stairs was part of our training. So, if you're doing it for short periods and you're eating right and resting right and the neighbors don't mind, go for it!


Willowthewisp wants to know: "I am quite fit already and like aerobic exercise, but despite numerous stomach crunches and sit ups I can't seem to get a six pack? I want one so badly in time for summer and all those scantily clad young ladies on holiday. Help me Josh, I’m desperate!!!!!" 

Josh Salzmann said:


The people with the best abs hardly do any ab crunches. They work them by press ups, chin ups and squats while holding ones belly button in to the spine. Specific abdominal work needs not to be done more than three times a week at the end of your weight training programme.


Hannah wants to know: "Do you subscribe to the carrot or stick method of training? " 

Josh Salzmann said:


No, not at all! I am a great believer in positive reinforcement. I always look at the glass as being half full not half empty. I never, do the Harvey System (celebrity fit club) who screams and yells to motivate people. You always will get better results from positive encouragement and good energy.


Stan wants to know: "Swimming or running - which is the best all rounder?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


Neither Stan, the best all around exercise to work your muscles, your cardio system, and flexibility is total body resistance training. So check out


Pippa wants to know: "I have a hectic work schedule and never get the time to exercise - can you suggest any simple work out tips i could do?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


Try to keep moving throughout your day, holding your belly button in toward your spine and being as active as possible ie; take the stairs, walk to work and get up from your desk every hour just to move around and stretch.


Adam wants to know: "What can you do to make exercising enjoyable?" 

Josh Salzmann said:


Exercise is always more enjoyable when you feel and see results. That's why I strongly advise you to check out and by doing the programme you'll see exactly what I mean.

Josh Salzmann


 Please remember you have only one life and to make the most of it strive to be in the best shape in terms of mind and body not just for a New Years Resolution but for the rest of your life. Have a healthy and happy New Year... Josh x

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