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Not all spas offer teen treatments. Some of those that do only offer them to teens over 16. Others have a lower age limit but ask that a parent stays on the premises while the treatment is being carried out. So if you're thinking of booking a Mother and Daughter spa day, check with the spa first as to what their policy is.

Here , we're not in the business of making teenagers feel bad about their bodies or their looks. What we like doing is taking teens suffering from exam stress for a massage so they can relax, and teens who are the proud owners of classic teenage skin for a deep-cleanse facial so that their skin is clearer and they learn some useful cleansing habits. Teen skin is still growing, so it doesn't need any more invasive procedures.

Some teens would be happy to spend a day at a spa, dipping in and out of the pools and steam rooms. Our resident Teen Spy has a firm limit on how much of that she can take, as she wants to go off and climb mountains instead, but she is becoming an expert in what spas can offer to a discerning teenage customer.

Here she tells us about her favourite treatment, her favourite products, and her favourite spa...

The Treatment Rooms, Brighton

I went to The Treatment Rooms for a facial and a massage. The facial was very effective but I personally liked the massage better because they first asked me to choose which kind of oil I wanted, which was nice of them, but I also found it much more relaxing than the facial. It was an Espa massage so before my therapist started, she let me smell two of the signature oils, the Energising and the Soothing and I chose the Soothing. It worked, as I think I may have fallen asleep during the massage. (I can't really remember because if I did then I woke up before it was finished, so no-one had to wake me up, which was good.)

The cleansing Dibi facial was also relaxing and it did make my skin feel soft afterwards. My skin looked a bit weird for a bit because the therapist had done some extraction, but it felt clean.

One thing I liked about this spa was that even though it doesn't have a pool, you still get changed into a robe, so you feel like you're having a special time. (The only robe they had for me was huge, and trailed behind me when I walked along the corridor like I was getting married or something.) There is no natural daylight in this spa, but the relaxation room is quiet and welcoming. It's decorated with curtains and cushions. After my treatments, my therapist took me along there and brought me some tea in a glass, but I didn't really like it since it tasted a bit like wood to me.

This spa introduced me to my favourite treatment: the Espa Massage.

Body Experience, Richmond

Body Experience introduced me to my favourite spa products - Thalgo! I love their face wash in particular as it works! It leaves my skin clear and clean.

The facial was thorough - and again involved extraction, as well as cleansing, toning and moisturising. The spa is pleasant, but I didn't stay to do any relaxing. I just had my facial and left, so it wasn't so much of a spa experience. I didn't have a robe, either.

I've heard that this spa does teen parties, though, and I might like to try one of these sometime.(Say for my birthday maybe????????)

We bought some of the Thalgo products to take home with us and I hope to get some more soon.

Aquitaine at the Runnymede Hotel

This is the nicest spa I have been to. My mum and I stayed overnight at Runnymede and then went to the spa in the morning. In the main part of the spa there are three pools: a little kids' pool, a Jacuzzi and a normal one. Unless you can think of a 100 different ways to use a float, then there isn't much to do in these pools except swim - which some people like, whereas I get bored after a while and try to find something else to do but there wasn't much else to do there. I also went in the steam room for a while, which was large and hot.

We changed into our spa robes and had lunch outside and then went down to Aquitaine, which is the private day spa. Here there were sofas and pastries. I liked the different teas you could choose from and chose a green tea as that's supposed to be very good for your skin. There's also music, cool drinks in the fridge, and a plasma TV, with headphones so that if you wanted to watch something that no-one else did then they didn't have to listen to it, which is nice, but they were not plugged in and, since there was music on, they had turned off the sound on the TV as well and I didn't turn it up for reasons unknown to me.

The treatment is carried out in a double treatment room through some glass doors. The room has soft lighting that changed colours and some dreamy music. My therapist introduced herself to me and said that she would be carrying out my facial, which was the special Teen Facial they offer at the spa.

The stuff they used was Clarins which is quite good. I liked the facial as it involved cleansing and lots of massage on my arms and scalp. I find head massage very relaxing. I liked lying and looking at the colours changing, but then that unrelaxed me a bit because I was certain that when I was on the other side of the doors the light that was shining through the door was purple most of the time, but now I was looking the other way, the colour was mostly green. This continued to confuse me until I was told that the doors didn't change colour but the light was shining through from the other room which happened to have different coloured lights. Other than that, it was mostly good. So I think every teenager should have one of these treatments on the day their exam results come out! (Or afterwards, or before - you choose!)

Afterwards, we went back to the spa and had a fantastic tea before we left. It came on long plates that had fresh fruit and sandwiches. It was a very relaxing day and I would like to go here again.

Courtesy of the Good Spa Guide

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