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What is a makeover?

We've all heard of Trinny and Susannah. A makeover aims to transform your beauty and shopping habits and refresh your whole look, to renew you. A makeover usually includes an assessment of the colours of clothes and make-up that suit you best, a hair cut, a full make-up, and some information and inspiration on how to combine colours and shapes of clothes to suit your body shape and skin tone. A makeover may include other treatments as well, such as a manicure or a solarium, or longer-term options such as a health and fitness regime.

What is a makeover good for?

At some time or other, most of us have stared in horror at ourselves in the mirror, wearing an outfit that would look absolutely fantastic on... someone else. The allegedly-foolproof style of the little black dress may not necessarily be the foolproof option for you. Fashion and style are different animals.

A good makeover should do two things:

  • It should make you look better and feel more confident, that day
  • It should give you ideas, advice and information on how you can look great and feel more confident every day.

Before you go

There's not a lot of point getting dressed up to go to a makeover. One of the first things your therapist will do is to take off your make up and undo your hairdo. Wash your hair and face and wear comfortable clothes. With some makeovers, offered as part of a personal shopping service, you're likely to leave in a new outfit as well as having your face and hair done. With others, you'll get advice on how to shop for yourself.

You might prefer to have your consultation before the actual makeover itself. This will give you and the therapist time to assess each other and what you want done, and give you some time to think about the changes your therapist suggests.

Just do be prepared to be open to change, and enjoy it.

What to expect from a makeover

Different makeovers include different things. A makeover could be a simple consultation; or a haircut and make up; you might have a full program of detox and body treatments, a facial, a shopping trip and even life coaching, as well as an exercise regime to improve your health and fitness. An extreme makeover includes cosmetic surgery.

The basics would be a haircut and make-up, and sound advice about what colours and styles of beauty products, hair and clothes are likely to suit you best.

Whether you're having a makeover for a special occasion or just looking for tips on how you can improve your appearance generally, the stylist should take some time to find out about you. You can discuss your skin and hair colour and texture, the demands of your lifestyle and your feelings about clothes and change. This will help your therapist to assess how much of a change you want, and what tips will be practical for you. Your therapist will probably show you swatches of skin tones, explain what spectrum of colours is likely to suit you, what hair colours and styles are likely to flatter your face shape, and generally help you work out what's best for you. Remember, whilst you are looking for a makeover, it is important that you feel comfortable with what your therapist is doing. If your therapist suggests something extreme and you're not comfortable with it, then say so. But at the same time, try to be adventurous.

After this consultation you are likely to have a haircut, possibly a colour, a light facial and a full make-up. Depending on the kind of makeover you're having, you may also get advice on what style of clothes will work best for you.

Use your therapist's expertise. Ask plenty of questions and make sure you get the most out of the day.

Hot tip!

Allow plenty of time and look forward to it. Having a makeover can make you feel quite vulnerable or quite empowered depending on who is working with you, and how open you are to change.


You should leave a makeover feeling and looking great. If the makeover didn't include a new set of clothes, why not build in time to go shopping afterwards and really spoil yourself?

Different types of makeover

A wide range of makeovers is available which involve various levels of money, time and commitment. From a change of hair-style to a change of nose or lifestyle, a makeover should refresh and invigorate you and build your confidence. Types of makeover include:

Colour analysis

Bridal: this makeover will take place a few weeks ahead of your wedding day so you'll have time to try out lots of different products and looks for your special day. If you go early enough, your therapist can also advise you on dress shapes and hair styles that will flatter you the most

Top-to-toe: as it sounds, this service might be anything and everything, from a pedicure to working out what accessories you should buy!

Whole body makeover: involving massage and body treatments, as well as a fitness and exercise programme

Wellness makeover: involving spiritual therapies and alternative treatments, as well as dietary and fitness advice

Extreme makeover: involving some cosmetic surgery (!)

Courtesy of the Good Spa Guide

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