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Our exercise library section is a fantastic resource offering a resistance exercise guide that helps you perfect your exercise performance when using resistance equipment and weight training at home or in the gym.

We include all the very best resistance and weight training exercises around making this an ideal resource for people wanting to get lean and toned.

Exercise library

Click on the name of your choosen exercise and watch the free exercise video.

Abdominal exercises
Cable crunches
Hanging leg lifts
Oblique crunches
Raised leg crunches

Arm exercises: Biceps
Bicep curls (Barbell)
Bicep curls (Dumbbell)
Cable curls
Concentration curls
Hammer curls
Incline bicep curls
Preacher curls (Barbell)
Preacher curls (Dumbbell)
Preacher curls (Machine)

Arm exercises: Forearms
Reverse curls
Reverse wrist curls (Barbell)
Reverse wrist curls (Dumbbell)
Wrist curls (Barbell)
Wrist curls (Dumbbell)

Arm exercises: Triceps
Lying tricep extensions (Bb)
Lying tricep extensions (Db)
One arm tricep pushdowns
Overhead tricep extension (Db)
Overhead tricep extensions (Bb)
Overhead tricep extensions (Cable)
Reverse tricep pushdowns
Rope pushdowns
Tricep bench dips
Tricep kickbacks
Tricep pushdowns
Weighted tricep dips

Back exercises
Back extensions
Back extensions (Weighted)
Bent over row
Close grip pull downs
Close grip pull ups
Front lat pull downs 
Good mornings
One arm row
Partner assisted pull ups
Pull ups
Seated row
Seated row (Wide grip)
T bar rowing

Chest exercises 
Assisted dips
Bench press
Bench press (Dumbell) 
Bent knee press ups 
Cable cross overs
Cable flyes
Close grip bench press
Decline bench press (Dumbbell)
Decline bench press (Barbell)
Decline flyes 
Decline press ups
Incline bench press 
Incline bench press (Dumbbell)
Incline flyes 
Press ups 
Weighted dips 
Wide grip bench press

Leg exercises
Leg extensions
Leg extensions (one leg)
Leg press
Lunges (Dumbbell)
Lying leg curls
One legged leg press
Seated calf raises
Smith machine front squats
Smith machine lunges
Smith machine squats
Squats with dumbbells
Standing calf raises
Standing calf raises (Dumbbell)
Standing leg curls
Stiff-legged deadlift
Stiff-legged deadlift (Dumbbell)
Toe raises

Shoulder exercises
Arnold press
Bent over lateral raises (Cable)
Bent over later raises (Dumbbell)
Cable lateral raises
Front shoulder press
Front shoulder raises (Barbell)
Front shoulder raises (Cable)
Front shoulder raises (Dumbbell)
Shoulder press (Dumbbell)
Shrugs (Barbell)
Shrugs (Dumbbell)
Side raises
Upright rowing
Upright rowing (Cable)
Upright rowing (Dumbbell)

Useful Tools

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 My Body shape
 Calorie counter
 Heart rate training zones
 Pre Exercise Questionnaire
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 The benefits of resistance training
 Exercise myths dispelled
 Exercise and overtraining

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