Treating fibromyalgia (muscle soreness)

The following supplements and herbs are proven to be helpful in treating the effects of fibromyalgic (muscle soreness) conditions. If the degree of inflammation is reduced, however large or small the actual muscle profiles.I.e (height and size through swelling) involved will decrease, and consequently, pressure on any neural pathways will also decrease.

Supplemental Approach

Vitamin B1, Malic Acid, Magnesium, 5-HTP, Vitamin E and SAM

Low serotonin levels are often associated with incident related Fibromyalgic traumas.
Supplementing with 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan) increases serotonin synthesis.
This in 'straight forward' terms, can mean better quality sleep depth for the healing process.

A combination of Magnesium and Malic Acid has been shown to lessen muscle pain. This may be due to the fact that many people, who suffer with traumas such as yours, develop low Magnesium levels

Given intravenously, SAM (S-Adenosyl Methionine) significantly helps to reduce both pain and often the depressive moods which can 'creep up' on you in muscular/neural combination trauma sufferers. Intravenous dosages appear to be more effective than oral dosage; however, even the oral dosage helps to alleviate pain, fatigue, and stiffness. Incidentally, I just need to mention that SAM should not be use by manic-depressive (bipolar disorder) patients, as they can sometimes cause 'manic episodes'! But you'll need to approach your GP on this one and feel free to refer him to me too if necessary here.

Other people sometimes have naturally low levels of Vitamin B1, resulting in less activity by B1-dependent enzymes. It is unclear whether this deficiency can actually make you more
susceptible to 'pulls' and muscular/neural problems (aside of course, from small pulls/glitches at the gym during any workout at one time or another), but in any case, supplementation could well assist here in alleviating your symptoms.

Vitamin E (The D-Alpha form) supplements have also been shown to help ease much of the pain and discomfort, but as with all the vitamins included here, you need twice the
Recommended daily amount to be effective here!
NB. Twice the RDA is perfectly OK and not in the least dangerous especially if you buy the 'water soluble' variety, so please don't worry.

Herbal Approach

Asian and Siberian Ginseng, Cayenne and Liquorice Root

No herbs have specifically been properly studied in the treatment of Muscular/neural trauma. However, since many of the symptoms and difficulties associated with such conditions are also seen in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the same herbs may very well be effective in helping you. These include Liquorice Root (should not be used by cardiac patients though), Asian Ginseng, and Siberian Ginseng. Capsaicin, the active ingredient of Cayenne, is also very well favoured and effective with many people. A cream applied to your aching joint articulation and muscle areas could prove very effective, although not in every person, as responses are so very individual! Be aware Jonathan that a cream of this nature can also cause a mild burning sensation, and can be quite irritating if it touches your eyes.

In matters of sleep improvement, any herbal preparation containing Gentian, Valerian and Hops has often proved effective with many people and my brother uses this combination very successfully to aid his sleep quality.

In all cases, because all vitamins and herbs are calculated strictly on maintenance principles called RDA's (particularly vitamins), it's necessary to increase the 'Recommended Daily Amount' because you are seeking to apply a remedial dosage for a specific trauma, not maintaining an already depleted status quo.

You need to supplement with Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulphate and also, to be fully joint 'aware' MSM. The Glucosamine increases the effective viscosity of the lubricative synovial fluid in your joint capsules whilst the Chondroitin makes this process take place more easily by blocking the negative biochemical aspects which would impair it. The MSM (Methylsulphonylmethane) provides the organic sulphur that is often physiologically depleted in matters of joint biochemistry.

A good supplement for this purpose is called 'Chondroitin Complex Gels' and is available from 'Holland and Barrett' health food stores.

Courtesy of Alan Gordon, Personal Trainer

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