Alli Diet Plan

Alli Diet Plan

The Alli Diet Plan has been developed to support the Alli diet and weight loss pill. Written by Caroline Apovian, a physician who is the Director of the Center for Weight Management at Boston University Medical Center, the Alli Diet Plan book is aimed at weight loss through controlling calories rather than just relying on the effects of the Alli weight loss and slimming pill.

The Alli weight loss pill

There are a few somewhat undesirable side effects when taking the Alli weight loss pill. The role of the Alli weight los pill so to block the absorption of fat. This means dietary fat must go somewhere. And as the My Alli web site suggests:

“You may feel an urgent need to go to the bathroom. Until you have a sense of any treatment effects, it’s probably a smart idea to wear dark pants, and bring a change of clothes with you to work.”

“You may not usually get gassy, but it’s a possibility when you take alli. The bathroom is really the best place to go when that happens


How does the Alli Diet Plan work?

The Alli Diet Plan is divided into 3 phases. In Phase 1 of the Alli Diet Plan you aim to consume 15% of your calories come from fat. In Phase 2 of the Alli Diet Plan you aim to consume 20% of your calories via fat and in Phase 3, 30% of your calories come from fat.

The Alli Diet Plan book also highlights the fact that people should aim to lower their calories depending on their current weight. The rest of the thick Alli Diet Plan book is devoted to eating plans and recipe ideas.

Advantages of the Alli Diet Plan

The Alli Diet Plan aims to do two things:

  1. Lower the amount of fat absorption
  2. Lower weight through a calorie controlled diet

Firstly, each gram of fat carries a calorie value of 9, whereas protein and carbohydrates carry 4 calories per gram. This means the Alli weight loss pill and Alli Diet Plan user WILL absorb less calories.

Secondly, aiming to eat less calories on the whole WILL allow the best chance for the Alli Diet Plan user to lower their weight with a good degree of success.

Disadvantages of the Alli Diet Plan

Well, there is of course the need to take a weight loss pill three times a day. This won't sit well with everyone. Secondly, the weight loss pill itself promotes the need to visit the toilet and, as the Alli weight loss pill side effects suggests, there is a danger of soiling yourself - hence the recommendation to wear dark underwear!

Another major disadvantage of the Alli Diet Plan is the fact that in taking a weight loss pill that stops the absorption of dietary fat, this may in fact suggest to the dieter that they can eat more fatty and junk food than usual ... which isn't really the case because most foods have a nutritional combination that includes fat, protein and carbohydrate. Sure, the Alli weight loss pill will decrease the absorption of fat but if your food in also high in protein and carbs then this will increase the calories eaten in a given meal.

The Alli Diet Plan - Conclusion

Due to the need to take a pill that has side effects which might find you caught short and soiling yourself, I think in itself is a good enough reason NOT to undertake the Alli Diet Plan.

Having said that, the Alli Diet Plan without taking the Alli weight loss pill would work. The Alli Diet Plan book does make some sense. To lower body weight and body fat dieters do need to eat a calorie controlled diet, as the Alli Diet Plan book suggests.

However, there are other diets and dieting books on the market that doesn't include the suggestion of taking weight loss and dietary slimming pills, so I'd always suggest you view these first before picking up the Alli Diet Plan book.

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