Neutral grip pull down

The narrower grip of the row pull down compared to that of the wide grip variations results in greater recruitment of the elbow flexor muscles, and commonly a greater amount of weight to be lifted. The muscle recruit's the upper back muscles, including the latissimus dorsi, due to the extension of the shoulder.

Form is important with the pull down, and the back should remain slightly arched, but the torso should not being leaning back too greatly which would resemble a high row opposed to a pull down. There should be little torso swinging when completing the exercise also, with the movement being controlled for optimal work load.

Performing neutral grip pull downs

When training for muscular size it is often best to train in a rep range of 6-12 repetitions, although there is often much debate on the optimal rep range. It would be advisable to experiment with different ranges to see which suits you.

  • Set correct resistance on weight stack. Attach row bar to high pulley.
  • Grasp bar handles, sit down and place thighs under pads.
  • Arms should be extended above head.
  • Keeping torso relatively stationary, pull row bar to upper chest.
  • After peak contraction, control bar back to beginning position, so arms are fully extended above head.
  • Repeat for desired number of repetitions.

Neutral grip pull downs courtesy of Fitness Uncovered - Bodybuilding & Fitness

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