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Standing cable flyes

An effective chest isolation exercise, the standing cable fly involves minimal secondary muscle involvements whilst recruiting the sternal head of the chest via transverse flexion of the shoulder.

The cable fly is sometimes preferred over its dumbbell variation due to the continual tension the cable version can supply during the execution of the exercise. The dumbbell fly has the disadvantage of the resistance being limited to the chest, as the gravitational force of the dumbbell is transferred down the arm as the dumbbell moves higher up the arc of motion. This is not the case with the cable variation where the resistance is continually being supplied, even during the top of the range of motion arc.

Being an effective exercise at stimulating the chest in an isolated manner, the standing cable fly would be a wise choice for those wishing to pre-exhaust the chest before chest pressing exercises. The idea is to tired the chest in an isolated manner before moving onto compound pressing exercises which recruit additional muscles groups.

Performing standing cable flyes

When training for muscular size it is often best to train in a rep range of 6-12 repetitions, although there is often much debate on the optimal rep range. It would be advisable to experiment with different ranges to see which suits you.

  • Find a cable station with two towers.
  • Set pin to correct resistance on both weight stacks.
  • Grasp high pulley 'D' handles from both sides of the towers.
  • Position yourself in the centre of the two towers, perpendicular to the
  • Keep back straight, slight bend in knees, and lean torso forward slightly.
  • Bring handles and arms down so that upper arms are parallel to the ground, and there is a slight bend in the elbow joint.
  • Bring the two handles together in front of your body, similar to if you were
    hugging a tree.
  • Maintain bend in elbow throughout movement.
  • Slowly return back to starting position, following the same motion as during the concentric phrase.
  • Repeat for desired number repetitions.

Standing cale flyes courtesy of Fitness Uncovered - Bodybuilding & Fitness

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