Body Jam exercise class

Body Jam

Want to funk, salsa, merengue, or even try your hand at some Broadway routines but think you can’t? Think again! BODYJAM ® teaches you the moves that will enable you to groove with the best.

Is it becoming increasingly difficult to drag yourself to your next class? Are you constantly battling to design new exciting choreography for your classes? Is the fun factor missing from your routines? Body Training Systems has the tool to change all of that, the means to bring back the spark, to fill that missing link… BODYJAM ® means fun with a capital “F”!

Benefits of BODYJAM ®

An exciting addition to your weekly group fitness plan, BODYJAM ® will enhance your kinaesthetic awareness, improve your movement quality, enhance your sense of rhythm and mould you into a true performer. Every class will leave you and on an emotional and physical high that will quite simply become addictive. BODYJAM ® will challenge your body and mind on every level, developing your cardiovascular and neuromuscular systems, enhancing coordination through the rhythm. It will entice you to leave the psychological stress of the day behind by entering the zone and truly becoming one with the music.

  1. BODYJAM ® inspires everyone to achieve results using a variety of dance styles originating from all over the globe.
  2. BODYJAM ® improves cardiovascular fitness.
  3. BODYJAM ® improves your body’s ability to burn fat and calories.
  4. BODYJAM ® helps improve coordination and agility.
  5. BODYJAM ® is an effective programme for increasing lower limb bone mass and delaying the effects of osteoporosis.
  6. BODYJAM ® releases hormones that make you feel happier, stronger and more energetic.
  7. BODYJAM ® is fun – so come and join the world’s greatest dance party!
  8. Above all, BODYJAM ® is easy to learn and easy to follow.

Taking music from around the globe with tunes that cover every genre, the world’s leading instructors (and hottest dancers) have jammed together to come up with the ultimate dance-based workout, guaranteeing an uplifting and memorable experience every time.

The Workout

Lasting 45 minutes to 1 hour, each BODYJAM ® class is a melting pot of movement, an irresistible mix of Latin, Funk, Groove, Caribbean, Jazz, Techno, Hip-Hop, Disco and Broadway-Jazz style moves.

Starting with a gentle introduction, track one – the warm-up – creates the party atmosphere in the studio environment and is designed to raise the body temperature, increase the ease of movement and get the party started. Track two takes you to a groove/funk state of mind, gradually increasing the heart rate and range of movements. Hips are definitely the emphasis of track three, as you get down and dirty to the rhythmic movements of some Salsa/Latin dance. Track four takes you to “Jenny’s block” as you are transported to the Bronx, walkin’ low, hangin’ tuff, attitude is a must for this hip-hop track. By track five heart rates are up and bodies are limber ready to be taken to the first peak in a cardio jam track. Whatever the feel of this track, you are guaranteed to start pushing your cardio fitness level. From this peak, track six pulls the mood back as you walk-the-walk in a funk/hip-hop recovery. Gyrate and groove with track sexy seven – Latin is back. Track eight – the grand finale – takes BODYJAM ® to the final peak. Disco is in da house – the last chance for participants to push their own limit to hit their own peak. It goes off with a bang. Track nine and party over, time to groove down, something slow, something funky, something to remember.

The inspiration

Each track has its own feel and style, captured perfectly in the movements. BODYJAM ® delivers what everyone wants from a challenging group fitness class – inspiration to achieve results. The simple, pre-choreographed nature of the programme makes it easy for all enthusiasts to improve coordination and achieve fitness goals. Each track builds in intensity and complexity by layering changes in moves throughout the workout. By the end of each track, you will be breaking a sweat, working hard and having fun. Every combination starts simple and progresses, showing you how to add those funky moves and arm-lines with ease, making you look like a master of the dance floor while still working out. Under the supervision of the instructor – the party host – the synergy of group fitness compels participants to achieve a volume of work that would be difficult to replicate on an individual basis. It is the host’s job to encourage everyone to feel the music and express themselves in ways they always wanted to but didn’t know how!


Imagine… endless Saturday nights any day of the week. Imagine… dancin’ the blues away. Imagine no longer, the time has come, the time is now and the time is BODYJAM ®. Be ready to enter a new era in fitness. Funk it up with Janet Jackson, pop with the style of Michael, gyrate with the sexiness of J-Lo, move your hips along side Ricky Martin and glide with the grace of Fred Astaire, BODYJAM ® is going to take you there!

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