Body Pump exercise class

Body Pump

BODYPUMP ® is the world’s first class to combine high-repetition weight training with aerobic conditioning. Performed regularly, it will tone and condition your body, can help you to lose weight and ultimately change your body shape, all in double-quick time. What are you waiting for? Sign up for a class, NOW!

BODYPUMP ®: A complete balanced workout

BODYPUMP ® is a 45 to 60-minute non-impact, resistance training programme that utilises barbells and adjustable weights. It is a studio-based group session led by highly skilled, motivating instructors who receive ongoing training to ensure every class is safe, effective and fun.

After an initial all-body warm-up, all the major muscle groups are worked via a series of weight-bearing exercises including squats, presses, lifts and curls. The larger muscles of the legs, chest and back are worked first in that order, followed by the smaller muscles of the arms, namely the biceps, triceps and shoulders. The legs are worked a second time in the form of lunges before the abdominals are trained. The class finally finishes with a well-earned cool-down and stretch.

Throughout the class the focus is on correct lifting technique and postural alignment, which may then be carried over into everyday activities. Using light to moderate weights and high repetitions, each muscle group is worked for about five minutes before overload is achieved. This type of endurance training is excellent for increasing lean body mass, improving muscle tone and definition but without causing bulking. So you won’t get big, just toned and strong.

Stretching between tracks aids recovery while at the end of the session this helps to maintain and improve flexibility, promote good posture and help decrease the risk of injury.

Who is BODYPUMP ® for?

Everybody! BODYPUMP ® is deliberately pre-choreographed using simple moves so that it appeals to both men and women of all ages and fitness is NOT a prerequisite! People of all fitness levels can enjoy the workout together and feel success because the self-regulated, adjustable weights mean you can control the intensity of your workout. You will find that the synergy of group training enables you to achieve a volume and intensity of work that would be difficult to replicate on an individual basis and exploring your physical limits becomes more attractive with the support of your peers.

This type of endurance training is excellent for helping to increase lean body mass, improving muscle tone and definition but without causing bulking.

The benefits of BODYPUMP ®

  1. BODYPUMP ® has been designed to make you stronger, get you in shape and help manage your weight by increasing your metabolism. The more muscle we have, the more calories we burn.
  2. BODYPUMP ® will help increase your lean body mass and ultimately improve your fat-burning ability.
  3. BODYPUMP ® can help improve your posture by emphasising controlled and balanced strength training, reinforcing ideal postural alignment that may then be carried over into daily activities.
  4. BODYPUMP ® helps promotes muscular endurance and, as a result, it can also help improve performance in many sports.
  5. BODYPUMP ® can help to increase your overall self-confidence as well as your general well-being but be warned...It will change the shape of your body!

What the members say

“BODYPUMP ® has given me complete control over my body.” Jane Feinmann, Freelance Journalist, London “Of all the workouts I’ve done, BODYPUMP ® has given me the most noticeable all-round toning results. I feel physically stronger, look leaner and feel altogether more confident.”

Natalie Bohm, Call Monitor, London

“An exhilarating way to strength beats the boredom of the gym any day!”

Andy Care, Computer Programmer, Bristol

“I thought the studio was for women in leotards. Now my friends and I regularly participate in BODYPUMP ® as we find the class physically demanding and challenging, but also really motivating!”

Luke Williams, Sales Assistant, Manchester

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